2004 Pee Wee's

Back Row (left to right): Paul Dormiedy (Coach), Nick "Pickle" Dormiedy, Brett "Smiley" Mattinson, Angela Beaton (Assistant Coach), Andrew "Daryll" Bragg, Cole "Pepi" Wood, Lucas "Pookey" Porter, Andrew "Rocket" Hicks, Norman "NORM!" Sawler (Coach)

Front Row (left to right) Cody "Speedy" Stevens, Josh "J.D." Dorn, Milton "Milty" King, Sean "Scrawny Butt Scooter" Patterson, Raelene "Little Girl Rae Rae" Wilson, Dean "Dill" Dormiedy

2004 Eastern District Champions.

2004 Provincial R Division Silver Medalists

Scorekeeper Angela's New Provincial 'Doo'