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Oxford Tigers Advance to Provincials

August 8th 2004;

The Oxford Pee Wee Tigers beat Creignish 1-0 in the Eastern District Championships to advance to the Nova Scotia Pee Wee "R" Provincial Playdown.

    Defense and Pitching were dominated the championship game. Cole Wood and Nick Dormiedy combined to No Hit the Creignish hitters. Actually, Oxford pitching and defense was so impressive that they allowed only two runners on base. Together Cole and Nick combined to strike out 14 batters and allowed only two walks.

    The only run of the game was scored in the bottom of the first inning. Cole Wood singled, stole second and scored on Nick Dormiedy's single. Oxfords other hits were by Milton King, Lucas Porter, Cody Stevens and Sean Patterson.

Hit Run Throw 2004

Congratulations to Raylene Wilson (1st place provincials Girls Mosquito) Dean Dormiedy (1st place Boys Mosquito Provincials) Nick Dormiedy (2nd Place Boys Pee Wee) and Sean Patterson (3rd Place Boys Mosquito) on thier great showings at the 2004 Hit Run Throw Provincial Championships.


August 14th 2002:

   Well, everyone is looking forward to all the upcoming tournaments. The Mosquito's will be participating in several tournaments and games leading up to the provincial tournament they will be hosting. The weekend of August 17th they will be participating in the County tournament held every year between Pugwash, Springhill and Oxford. Then on the weekend of August 24th they will be taking part in the big tournament in Amherst as a way of getting ready for the Provincial Tournament. On August 30th, 31st and Sept 1st Oxford will be hosting the Mosquito Provincial D Championships. We will need lots of help and volunteers to make this event a success so everyone please if you can help out contact Kathy Stevens or Heather Ried.

The Rookies will be participating in the annual Cumberland County championship held every year between Pugwash, Springhill and Oxford. It will be held this year in Pugwash on the 24th of August. This is their big yearly tournament and the highlight of their whole season so please lets have a good turnout this year to support the kids.

August 17th 2002

Wildcats Win County Championship

    After early season jitters and recent domination of county teams, the Home Sweet Home Building Product Oxford Wildcats won the Cumberland County 2002 Mosquito Title.

    In a one day tournament, the Wildcats beat the Springhill Fencebusters 15-12 to take home the gold medal. It was a loud spirited game with a lot of energy from both the players and the spectators.

    The final game started in good form with neither starter allowing any hits in the first inning. Springhill scored three runs in the second due to poor defense on the Wildcats part. But the Wildcats offence roared back to take a 5-3 lead after two innings. They scored off of three hits and four walks posted by the Springhill starter Kris Doucett. Springhill responded with three more runs to take a 6-5 lead which did not last as Oxford scored five more runs to lead 10 to 6. Nick Dormiedy relieved Cole Wood, who was still upset about his earlier performance in the day. Springhill scored five runs to take the lead at 11-10. JR Hawker came in and shut down the Wildcat offence in the fourth allowing only one hit. Springhill scored one more in the fifth  inning to take a 12-10 lead off the eventual game winner and Wildcat Ace closer RJ Wilson.

    The Wildcat bottom of the line-up started the game winning rally in the fifth inning. Trevor Ellis walked, and the next two batters struck out. With their backs to the wall, Oxford rolled off six consecutive hits. Singles by Chad Legere and Tyler Grams, followed by a double by Brett Mattinson, singles by Mike Ried and Cole Wood, followed by a Monster hit by Nick Dormiedy. With a 15-12 lead, RJ Wilson struck out the side to give Oxford the title.

    It was a team effort with almost all the players reaching base at least once. Leading the team were Brett Mattinson, two runs, two doubles; Mike Ried, double, single, two runs. Nick Dormiedy and Tony Ried with two singles and a run scored and Tyler Grams and Trevor Ellis each scored two runs. Tyler Brayley and Phillip Parsons led Springhill with two runs and two singles. J.R. Hawker also scored two runs and unfortunately was tagged with the loss.

    "Springhill really turned it on and gave us a run for the title today" said Wildcat coach Norman Sawler. "Again, our defense was not there, but the offence came through once again. What a great team effort. They sure did earn this trophy. The wildcat players who were here today worked hard and long to get here, and they truly deserve the glory."

       Earlier in the day Cole wood had feasted off Pugwash pitching, hitting a double, a triple and a Home run , leading the wildcats to a 14-8 victory over Pugwash. The pitcher for the game were Andrew Hicks and Luke Porter who pitched the first three innings leaving with an 8-5 lead. Nick Dormiedy, who was off his game this day, left the game tied at 8 all and was relieved by game winner R.J. Wilson. Cole Wood pitched a scoreless sixth to preserve the win.

    Andrew Hicks and A. Darrel Bragg each had two singles with Tony Reid , Luke Porter and Mike Reid each scoring two runs . Cole Wood also scored two runs.

    Pugwash was lead by Jordan Kiever and Kyle Ferdinand, with two hits and two runs each. Pitching duties were shared by Pugwash Ace Ethan Prall, Pat Canning and Jordan Kiever.

    In order to get into the Championship game, Springhill upset Pugwash 14-11.

    Pugwash grabbed an early lead but could not hold it with ace Ethan Prall not on the mound. Meanwhile Springhill hurler Cody Hunter held Pugwash silent for the last few innings.

    Pugwash M. Blaikie, hit a triple to lead his team. Jordan Keiver, Kyle Ferdinand , and Ethan Prall played well despite posting the loss.

    Springhill was lead by young guns Tyler Brayley and Phillip Parsons with veterans Cody Hunter and J.R. Hawker.

    This game was Springhill's third win of the year. They won their season opener against Oxford, then fell into a slump until last week when they posted a win against Pugwash to end their loosing streak. All of these kids deserve our congratulations and respect for playing such great ball and for having fun while they did it. They all play for the fun of the game, unlike some people who think money is everything (The Major Leagues)

August 24th 2002

The Season of Champions Continues As the Oxford Capitals win the County Championship.

    The season of champions continued today when Oxford toppled the favorite Pugwash Pirates to clinch the Cumberland County Rookie Ball title. Despite the shaky start to the season which saw Oxford suffering losses of up to 30 to 13  Oxford stuck to it's program of fundamental skills and defense which eventually paved the way for a tight but effective win.

     The day began with Pugwash defeating Springhill who took the loss hard. They then had to play Oxford and were already highly demoralized. Despite Evan Smith being ill and unable to play this game Oxford took the game to them and came out with a 20 to 13 victory. This tied Oxford and Pugwash at one win apiece and set up the tie breaker championship game.

    The game was a hard fought defensive battle that put any team that made a mistake in jeopardy of loosing the game.

    Oxford came out pounding in the first With Cara Wood, Mark Banks, Raelene Wilson and Chris Rogers all coming in to score on a two out rally. Kayla Blanchard and Sean Patterson had both previously been thrown out at second leading into the rally Allie Bishop had hit a great double to bring in the last two runs before Randy Rushton flew out.

    Pugwash answered back with three runs scored in the first by Kyle, Tristan and Alex. Cody hit a monster double that left a runner on second and third before Luc was thrown out at first by Raelene Wilson and Sean Patterson.

    Both teams were held scoreless in the third by superb defensive play on the behalf of both teams.  One play of note was made by Raelene Wilson when she caught a fly ball and tagged her base after the runner had left it  to convert a double play.

    Oxford came on hard again in the third when the top of their batting order came once again to bat. 5 runs were brought in with Kayla Blanchard, Sean Patterson, Cara Wood, Mark "The Tank" Banks, and Raelene Wilson all coming in. Allie Bishop and Randy Rushton are both credited with RBI's . Pugwash managed only 2 runs in the third when a double play was converted by Raelene Wilson and Sean Patterson then a third out was tossed by Erica Wilson to Sean Patterson. The runs were scored by Devon and Matt H with the RBI's being credited to Matt M who cracked a nasty double. That left the score at 9-5 in Oxfords favor after 3 innings.

    The fourth brought back the nasty defensive battle with only one run coming in for Oxford in the fourth. Chad Stevens motored over home plate after Erica Wilson and Nicolas Reitmaier both hit singles and an overthrow brought him home. The inning was rounded out by singles from Ricky Patriquin and Dean Dormiedy before Nicolas Reitmaier was thrown out at third. Pugwash fared a little better in the fourth bringing in Alex and Cody on an overthrow to bring the score closer at 10-7 after 4.

    The Fifth inning was almost disastrous for Oxford when the were held scoreless by the Pirates. Then, with home field advantage the Pirates came up to bat. Devon came up to bat first and managed to get to first base on a nice hit. Then Matt H. hit a nice single to Randy Rushton who miscalculated his throw and threw it over the first base mans head. Then Sean Patterson threw the ball away at third allowing two runs to score. That left the score at 10 to 9 with none out. Next up was Colby who hit a ball right to Raelene Wilson who threw him out at first. Next up was Matt M. who singled and got on first. Tim then hit to Erica Wilson who easily pitched him out at first, but Matt M was advanced to second base. It was down to two out, tieing run on second and Lincoln came up to bat, hit a great grounder that was intercepted once again by Raelene Wilson who threw Lincoln out at first base to end the game.

   After a slight bit of confusion over the score and a short recount, Oxford was declared the winner on the tournament. The Coaches of the team were beaming at the great defensive effort put forward by their team. Coach Daniel Beaton was heard to remark "It took three years, but we did it. The team played like Champs." The medal ceremony was a short and happy affair with the Pugwash coaches presenting medals to both teams. Then Ice Cream treats were enjoyed by all.

   What followed this was a slight bit of comedy when the Coach of Oxford, Daniel Beaton, was forced to honor a promise he had made the team at the beginning of the year. Coach Angela Beaton handed out gum to all of the players and they had a good chew, then coach Daniel sat in a garbage can while all of the players on his team put their gum on his nose.

   After the game and the celebrating was all over, Coach Angela Beaton was heard to remark "It feels really good to win" and truthfully, our kids worked hard and played well so they deserve all of the accolades we can give them. Here's looking forward to another year of great baseball!!!