Front Row left to right

Andrew "Rocket" Hicks, Dean "Dill" Dormiedy, Cody "Speedy" Stevens, Raelene "Rae Rae" Wilson, Sean "Scrawny Butt Scooter" Patterson, Mark "The Tank" Banks,

Middle Row

Nick "Pickle" Dormiedy (peewee), Josh "J.D." Dorn, Melanie "Insert name here" Greeno, Cole "Pepi" Wood , Andrew "Darryl" Bragg , Milton "Milty" King, Brett "Smiley" Mattinson

Back Row

Coach Norman "Aneurism  Boy" Sawler and Paul "I'm still Bigger than you yet Nick" Dormiedy

2004 Cumberland County Champions

2004 Cumberland Little League B Division Tournament Champions

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Oxford  NS.    902-447-4010

Coach:   Norman Sawler:        River Philip,  NS.   902-686-3320